About Charles Rudibaugh

My Backstory

A few months after getting started in network marketing, I got a call from a friend in the middle of the night that led me to meeting a 28 year old self made multi-millionaire who later became my mentor. He didn’t have a college degree but shared with me how to build a home-based business and that changed everything for me.

I don’t have a college degree either, but because I followed a mentor and over the next few years I built my first 7 figure revenue generating business.

Since then, I’ve been able to build several multi-million dollar home-based businesses not just in health and wellness but also in other industry verticals including cryptocurrency. I have also been given the opportunity to speak on stage to thousands of people, and make a different in countless lives.

But it wasn’t always blue skies and fleecy clouds. I’ve had wins and losses, strike-outs and home-runs. In the process, I’ve condensed 14+ years of experience to create a success blueprint so you can accelerate your learning curve, and bypass all the failures and figuring out that you’d otherwise have to do on your own.

My Life . . .

In 2015, I met my beautiful wife, life and business parter – Dr. Maral Yessayan, a.k.a. Dr. Yess. She’s incredible. I can’t wait for you to work with her soon.

We started dating while I was building a brand new business. It felt overwhelming at times, but I was lucky. She fell in love with the industry, started building with me, and was my number one supporter, teammate and partner. Our visions of the future aligned along with our values, interests and beliefs, and luckily for me she fell in love with me too. We got married had a baby girl, and built a massive business together that brought us to Arizona where we currently live.

More recently, in light of the world pandemic and the “New Normal” we are all adjusting to, my wife and I noticed a need in the wellness sector that wasn’t being adequately addressed by any network marketing company.

I could not sit back and not share my passion and 14 years of knowledge in supplements with the world. So we decided to create a way, outside of any MLM, for people to boost their immune system IMMEDIATELY and Effectively.  That’s why we started our health is wealth movement.                 

My Final Note to You

In my 15 years in the industry of network marketing, I discovered SO many things. One of my BIGGEST discoveries that I want to share with you right here and right now is this:

Most people want an opportunity to have a smartphone/laptop work from home lifestyle but they don’t know ALL the ingredients that make a great network marketing company, or how to evaluate and find a home-based business that’s the RIGHT FIT for them, and that’s not their fault! That’s why, I recently launched my new blog series where I will be covering 99+ questions you should ask yourself before starting a home-based business.

If you can’t wait, and want to find a home-based business opportunity right away, contact me here and we can find something that’s the right fit for you!

But if you’ve already found the company that’s the right fit for for you and you’re just looking for strategies, tools, and techniques to help you take your marketing next level, I created The MLM Method for you! The MLM Method will be your greatest equipping tool to develop and hone your skills with strategies and principals that work in any company.