Become A Unicorn Self-Starter

For you to be successful in network marketing or any business, adopting a self-starter mentality is key.

Becoming a leader, a way maker, a no-quitter paves the road to success.

Those who hinge their success on how much support they get from their up-line relinquish themselves from responsibility and therefore are doomed to fail.

Those who succeed in MLM embrace the philosophy of “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me” .

Because of this, they take ownership and start building their business and work it like it depends on them.

They invest in themselves. They grow their skills by learning the best practices, systems, and strategies then implementing them, teaching them, and supporting their own downline.

The biggest reason most people fail and quit in network marketing is they didn’t have the support and environment they needed to become successful.

This is only half the story.

But the other half of the story which goes untold is this:

Most people get started with blinding optimism and disregarding concern to learning network marketing skills. They expect every person to join them or think money will be falling out of the sky. They don’t show up with a humble, teachable and coachable spirit, hungry to learn and eager to earn the respect and time of their experienced up-lines.

Most people want to work their business like it depends on their up-line or some external factor outside of them.

They want a turn key business which MLM offers. I mean think about it, MLM offers you a vehicle, but you are in charge to turn the key and drive that vehicle to your desired destination.

Similarly, most people would prefer their personal trainer to lift the weights FOR them, but we all know that would not get the results for YOU!

If you want to see the results, you’ve got to jump in the drivers seat and steer your business to success.

When most people get started and don’t get rich in 30 days, disappointment and blame often sets in. They start pointing fingers at the lack of support or competency of their up-line leadership.

Most people join never even knowing, meeting, or evaluating anyone in the up-line chain of solution who is a professional and has the experience necessary to take them to the top.

And when things get tough or they feel discouraged, they may call their sponsor to ask for help only to find the sponsor may not want to help, or even worse to hear their sponsor complain that it’s hard for them too! Now they feel like they’re stuck.

Just the other day, a lady shared with me her story of how she got started with her company.

She was introduced to an MLM company at her mother’s home party, where no one joined. Several months later when she told her mother she was ready to join, her mother had not only already quit but she was also negative and tried to talk her out of it!

Despite her mother’s discouragement, this lady mustered the courage to join anyway knowing she would be joining with no direct up-line, and knowing she would need to be self motivated if she were to succeed.

Since starting her business, she has found support in the up-line leadership above her mother and has attracted the attention of other regional leadership who she is excited to follow.

What a story! This lady sets an example of the ideal rep any up-line would wish to have.

The truth is that every up-line is looking for new reps who, like our courageous lady, are willing to grab the bull by its horns and drive their own business to success regardless of external circumstances.

If you’re currently evaluating a company, knowing more than just the person who told you about it is imperative.

Getting to know who is in your up-line tree is something that will serve you in more ways than one.

And if you’re lucky enough to work with an established leader right from the beginning, be grateful because you are one of the few who will get off to a supportive start, right out of the gate.

Today’s question to reflect on whether you’re evaluating or already in your company is this:

41. Am I willing to be coachable if I can find an up-line who will teach me?

Till next time,


Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

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