Evaluating an MLM? Where Do You Start?

There are so many factors to consider when evaluating whether or not a company is a good fit for you, so where do you start?

In this blog series, you will uncover over 99+ questions to consider before joining any network marketing company.

As your tour-guide into the world of MLM, I will reveal the key factors that make or break a network marketing company.

I want to make sure that you are equipped with this knowledge, so you can use it to make an informed decision for what’s best you.

Do you want to know one of the biggest questions people dismiss before joining a company?

I will tell you in a minute . . .

But first let me share with you the biggest question that people focus on when determining their decision to join a company.

So what’s the product?

And this question while important, it is limited with setbacks if evaluated in isolation from the more important question that is often missed.

Look, most people immediately look at the product and make their determination whether or not a company is good to join and leave it at that, but not you, not anymore, because you are here on this page.

I’m always surprised by people who are self proclaimed “sales experts” who first ask “What’s the product?” and follow it with the statement:

“But, Charles, I gotta be passionate about the product to promote it.”

We’ve all heard that one before. I know I’ve even said it.

But here is the key:

While product matters, and your passion is central to promoting it, there is a set of prerequisite questions that should precede the product question.

Ready to know what these questions revolve around?


Yes, ownership.

Make no mistake about this, evaluating the owners should be at the top of your list.

The ownership of a company, probably more than anything else, can help you determine if a company will be a good place to invest your time and effort.

You want to be in a company where you can thrive after all, don’t you?


So here is the first good question to ask:

Who is steering the ship?

Look, I’ve seen the same product being sold in two companies.

Let’s say . . .Company X and company Y sell the same product.

The product is a great product. No issue there. It will pass my product evaluation checklist.

Company X, I wouldn’t join no matter how much they entice and pay me to join.

Company Y, I would join, even if they do not try to entice me with an offer.

So what’s the difference?

Ownership, ladies and gentlemen!

The ownership should have that much weight in your decision making process.

Understanding and knowing the story behind the company’s owners will tell you A LOT about whether or not a company has a chance to be a vehicle that can take you to your goals — whether your goals are just to make some extra money on the side or to be a full time long term career and last stop.

There are some owners who I wouldn’t want to follow no matter how exciting their project or product is . . .

Conversely, there are owners I will want to be in business with no matter what they’re working on . . .

The history and story of the formation of a company, who is behind it, and the motivations of the owners in building their company, may be all you need to determine if it’s worth your further evaluation. It may be ALL you need to see to know if you need to take a more serious look.

Look, the right ownership is a necessary condition for a winning opportunity. It isn’t sufficient, but it’s necessary.

Meaning, you still need to have a lucrative compensation plan and a great product along with everything else we’ll talk about.

But if the ownership meets the prerequisite requirement check list that I’m gonna share with you, then Congratulations! You can enter the next phase of your evaluation.

So what types of questions make it to the prerequisite requirement checklist for evaluating the owners of a company?

That’s why next time, we are going to dig deep and focus on what the RIGHT ownership looks like so that you have the tools you need to make that RIGHT decision you’ve been waiting for!

Till next time,


co-authored with Maral “Dr Yess” Yessayan, PHD

P.S. You can always find me by following me on social media: FB here or YouTube here

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