Fishes Shouldn’t Be Asked To Climb Trees

When people leave a job, it may be for any number of reasons. Maybe they don’t like their boss or their co-workers. Maybe the work environment is stressful or the actual work isn’t challenging enough. Maybe it’s just time to move on to move up. Maybe they feel limited by a glass ceiling and realized they’re not getting paid their worth.

People leave jobs and get let go or fired from jobs all the time and for any number of reasons but for some reason they don’t draw the same false correlation between their experience at “that job” and “jobs” in general like they do in network marketing.

I’ve yet to hear someone say, “jobs are a scam. I’m never getting a job again”

You know how ridiculous that sounds?

Well, that’s how ridiculous it sounds when someone casts a wide and wild blanket statement over network marketing because of a bad experience with one or a number of companies.

It always pains me when people have a bad experience with a network marketing company for any number of reasons and then assume that all other companies are or must be just like their previous company and their experience will surely be as negative if not worse than last time.

It’s sad to me when people give up on network marketing after one bad experience believing that it would be the same in every other company.

I’ve yet to hear someone say:

“I’m never getting another job ever again. All jobs are the same.”

I’ve also yet to hear someone whose had a bad experience at one restaurant say:

“I’m never going to another restaurant ever again. All restaurants suck.”

You know how ridiculous that sounds?

Luckily, I haven’t yet met anyone ridiculous flaunting around such wild statements about jobs or restaurants.

I would not say the same is true for network marketing.

Here is what most people miss:

Network marketing companies are as different from each other as restaurants and jobs. There are so many variables that make restaurants different from each other or jobs different from other jobs, of course it’s no different in network marketing.

Because network marketing companies are so different, they attract different types of people.

Some companies attract predominantly one gender.

Some companies attract an older more mature distributorship.

Some companies attract younger people.

Some companies attract people that just want to make a little bit of extra money.

Some companies attract people who want to buy their 2nd sports car.

Some companies attract slick sales people who can and will sell ice to eskimos.

Some companies attract people who don’t have any sales background and don’t want to sell and make a killing learning network marketing.

Companies are as different as the products they offer and they’re also just as different when it comes to the work it takes to market them and how they are marketed.

The sales/marketing process can be as different between companies as night and day. The difference is so steep to the degree that someone could feel great about the established recruiting or selling funnel of company A, but feel completely inauthentic or weasely following the recruiting or selling process recommended by company B or their the up-lines.

It’s not surprising that the people in network marketing companies are as different as they come given that the companies themselves are as different as they come.

Just like the people in two different jobs in two different fields can be totally different, in network marketing you may be totally turned on by the leaders and the people you meet in one company but totally turned off by those in another.

This matters.

No matter how much you like the product, the compensation plan, the vision, the timing and all the other things that matter, if you don’t want to be like the people who are at the top winning in the company you’re evaluating, then you probably should pass on joining it.

If you don’t see yourself resembling, modeling, and relating to the people who are at the top winning, willing and wanting to do the same things that got them there, then for sure you are choosing a difficult build to the top.

Does this mean you can’t win if you’re not willing to follow and model those who’ve been already successful without you? No. But it does mean you’re going to have to pave your own way, blaze your own trail, and lead in a way that isn’t in the DNA structure and culture of the company.

Going first isn’t easy.

Most people who get started in network marketing are already “going first” to some degree. You may be the FIRST one in your family to become wealthy or successful in business. You may be the FIRST one out of your family and friends to become an entrepreneur. You may be the FIRST one of everyone you know to make it BIG in MLM.

If that sort of challenge excites you, GREAT. To make it BIG in network marketing, we all need to lead to some degree.

Going first is part of leading and since you’re already blazing a trail just by taking the first step getting started in an MLM company, you want to have someone to follow and a process to duplicate that is proven that you can grab a hold of in your new company.

Experimenting with new ideas will only make the process an uphill battle.

It may help to ask yourself “Why isn’t anyone already doing things the way I want to do things?”

99% of the time, this is your answer: It is because they’d already be doing it, if it’s an effective or proven strategy.

Let’s entertain this wild thought for a minute just for illustration sake.

Can a fish climb a tree? NO

Fishes are best at swimming and not tree climbing, right?


So if you’re swimming, and everyone in the company who’s winning is climbing trees, would you say you have a chance at winning if you keep swimming?

Likely not.

So if you say “I’m going to be the first fish to swim myself to the top of the tree in this company.”

Guess what my friend, you may have a longer road to success than you had planned.

Even a sloth, as slow as it moves, will beat the fastest swimming fish if success requires climbing trees.

So before joining a company, know what and whose actions you need to follow.

Network marketing is so simple. It’s a game of lead and follow. It works best when everyone is both leading and following simultaneously. When you bring people into your team, you want to help them get on a winning path that starts with learning how to follow and lead, model and implement, duplicate and take action.

And the key to your success is to help your team get on the path that the winners are winning on.

But winning should not come at a cost. Winning shouldn’t come at the cost of compromising your integrity, your values, or your reputation.

To win in network marketing you want to mirror and model the winners at the top. If their the actions and words are not aligned and integrity-ful, you may be joining your nightmare company.

Here’s the question you need to ask before joining:

#30. Do I want to mirror and model the people who are at the top — in work ethic, values, and standards?

Till next time,


Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

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