How Pompous Promoters Poison the Pool

Hi, I’m Charles Rudibaugh and I’m here to give you a behind the scenes look at what separates great Network Marketing companies from bad ones, and which ones are worth joining from those best to say: No thank you!

So whether you’re looking for a company or re-evaluating the one you’re already in, how do you go about finding the perfect company for you?

In this series, we are going to look at 99+ crucial questions you can ask that will help you find your dream company.

You see, at the heart of a company’s reputation are the people who are building it. It begins with the ownership team and extends to the distributorship field.

Each acts as a brand ambassador reflective of the company’s values and responsible for the way the company is perceived by regulators, industry experts, and prospective reps.

I love this saying: “time either promotes you or exposes you” and it’s true in network marketing more than anywhere else.

Company owners who are actively engaged in producing non-compliant messaging or marketing materials or those who intentionally disengage and turn a blind eye to noncompliance eventually are exposed. Their companies don’t last very long.

Think about it . . . a company is just an abstract thing. It is not inherently bad or good, right? It only becomes bad or good based on the actions of people who act on behalf of it, build it, and eventually give it the reputation it deserves.

Believe it or not, the people whose unfettered power that goes unchecked damaging the company’s reputation, more often than not are not the owners but the people promoting it.

Promoters are walking talking billboards of a company and give the company its reputation.

When distributors over promise, over hype, or make claims and guarantees to their prospects, over time they hurt the company’s reputation but also their own business.

Prospects who join put their faith and trust in the company based on the promises made by the promoters, presenters, up-lines, or their sponsors.

The dangerous irony is that often times these same promoters, presenters, up-lines, and sponsors often times don’t accurately understand what they are themselves promoting.

So when the new rep finds out that what they were told to get started is not true, even if it was a genuine misunderstanding, they are disappointed. This disappointment turns into doubt and mistrust, and before you know it, this new rep is out and the sponsor looses his new downline.

You see most people are not recruited by professionals. The majority of people joining network marketing are joining companies based on the understanding they’re gathering from someone who’s relatively new to network marketing and the company themselves!

It’s important that we don’t confuse the reputation of a company for the reputation of network marketing as an industry. It is equally important not to base our opinion of a company on the opinion of someone who may be biased.

You’re taking a great step toward being able to make an honest evaluation of a network marketing company for yourself by reading this. Congratulations!

For anti-MLMers, the industry of network marketing is full of scammers waiting to take your money. For Pro-MLMers it is the BEST industry in the world where everyone can make a fortune and improve themselves and situations without limits.

But I say, like anything, it’s somewhere in the middle. I truly believe that it’s the BEST industry when you find the RIGHT company that’s the RIGHT fit for you. But that’s just the half of it. The other half is determined by what YOU DO with it.

Did you know that Network marketing has created more millionaires than the real estate, insurance, and medical industries combined?

It has even created more millionaires than professional football, baseball and basketball have produced all together.

Does it mean everyone in network marketing will become a millionaire…No.

Does every basketball player get into the NBAs? No.

Does every real estate agent turn into a real estate mogul? No.

You get where I am going with this?

Most people join network marketing willy nilly without much honest, fair and high level evaluation. They start without an understanding or insight into the things that will help them go pro. They start with a BIG dream and a BIG goal, without having a plan to get there.

Does it mean you can’t win BIG?

You absolutely can! If you find the RIGHT mentor, the RIGHT coach, the RIGHT company, and you bring the RIGHT attitude and work ethic.

Sadly, this isn’t always how it’s presented.

Stay tuned for part 2, so we can dive in to the many facets of how to evaluate a companies REPUTATION and why it matters . . . maybe more than anything!

To learn more about what you need to know before joining any MLM company, you can check out my previous posts on medium here.

Till next time,


Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

P.S. You can always find me on social media: Facebook or Youtube

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