How TIMING Can be A Difference Maker In Your Business?

In a legitimate network marketing company, you will get out of it what you put into it. You will prosper based on your own work ethic, contact base, and credibility.

In a healthy network marketing company, you aren’t held back by a less productive up-line or sponsor.

In a superior company, you can surpass everyone above you and become a top earner even if you join 5, 10, or 20, and even 30 years after the company’s inception.

But whether the cards are stacked in your favor or against you has A LOT to do with timing.

If the timing is right, you may reap faster than you sow.

Timing is the BIG difference maker. When the timing is right, it can make building in a difficult company easy. But when the timing is wrong, it can even make building in an easy company hard.

Catching a company at the right timing can exponentially multiply your efforts, so you get more for doing less. It can also mean that you are well positioned for opportunities that come with first movers advantage.

The number of people who have made a million dollars per month in MLM is small, but every single one of them did so by taking advantage of unique timing.

Timing, timing, timing . . .

Timing is Key.

Let me share with you a story about timing.

I heard this story a long time ago. I can not confirm whether the story is true or not, but there is no doubt that it could be.

The story is about a man who was in Nuskin, which is an older very established company.

This gentleman was about to give up. He wasn’t making any money after being involved for several years.

But he made a covenant with himself to go ALL OUT for one month before he quits altogether.

A 30 day Power Blitz.

30 days where he would talk to everyone he came in contact with.

30 days where he would approach everyone he could think of and meet. He would go where his business took and if that meant driving across the country he would sleep in his truck and prospect everyone he breathes on.

After 30 days of powering through his blitz and commitment, he had ZERO results. He was battered with 30 days of repeated NOs. He hadn’t recruited a single person into his opportunity.

Why? Maybe it was because the company he was promoting was already established and had a reputation for being difficult.

Maybe his recruiting approach was off or his personality was off putting and he needed help building his attractive persona. That part of the story we’ll never know. However, the part of the story that is interesting is this.

On the last day of his blitz, our man was ready to throw in the towel. So he pulled over the gas station to fill up his truck for the road back to California.

But when he saw a lady fueling up her car on the opposite gas pump, he decided to fulfill his obligation to his personal commitment and approach her.

What happens next changes EVERYTHING for him and for the lady.

That lady ended up opening Taiwan for Nuskin and that man ended up with a Billion dollar downline!

That’s right.

This is because he honored his commitment to himself and he talked to the right person at the right time.

Timing was key because Nuskin wasn’t launched into Taiwan just yet.

It took an American-Taiwanese lady to be the catalyst into an international expansion and our man ended up with a downline that generated a billion dollars in business annually.

All from one conversation. All from catching the right person at the right time.

Timing has many facets to consider when considering what counts as good timing to join a company.

If the company you’re considering to join is a good company, then it’s always a good time to join.

If you like a company and want to promote the opportunity and its products to earn extra money, it’s always a good time to join.

But if you want to have the kind of success you hear about where people are breaking records, or going from zero to millionaire seemingly overnight, or starting with nothing or no experience and ending up in magazines and in mansions seemingly overnight, then make timing a key part of your evaluation.

Timing, timing, timing plays a KEY role in success.

But it’s not the only factor.

The key question as it relates to the timing factor you must evaluate is this:

#32. Is there anything special about the timing of the company I can leverage so I can reap faster than I sow?

Till next time,


Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

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