How to Catch an MLM At Its Best Timing to Accelerate Your Business

When you catch a company at a special, once in lifetime, timing, then building it can feel like you’re playing basketball on the moon. Slam dunk, Slam dunk.

No gravity. No resistance. Just pure results and momentum without putting much effort into it.

Over a decade ago, I was in a company that was endorsed by Donald J. Trump way before the time of his presidentship.

Today’s politics aside, his endorsement was powerful. It made the company an easy sell for distributors who took advantage of this fact.

Even distributors who hated Trump’s guts made a lot of money because momentum came easy!

What happened in 2009 was incredible.

Donald Trump selected the company I was with to be featured on his show The Celebrity Apprentice!

What that meant was HUGE.

Not only would the company’s leaders and products be the highlight of the show, but a number of company commercials would also be aired during prime time.

In the 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, and one month prior to the airing of the show, you wouldn’t believe the amount of momentum we were able to create.

Building and recruiting was easier than ever and it was completely based on people being afraid they would be left behind and miss out after this show aired to 30 million people on prime time.

During this time, the company ran a contest where only top producers would get invited to the show in New York.

The great news is that I got invited to sit with Trump on his show.

The bitter sweet news is that I chose to give up my ticket to my business partner at the time since I was in the middle of a 90 day record breaking project with one of the biggest up and coming leaders I had ever mentored.

I stayed back to help him get launched into massive momentum and I capitalized on the timing of the show to drive momentum and helped him make a million dollars.

12 years later, no one remembers this event as monumental in creating massive momentum, production, promotions and incomes for distributors who took advantage of it. But I do.

Often times, there is more money to be made in “promoting the thing” than in “having the thing”.

And when you combine the “promoting the thing” with “having the thing”, that’s when magic happens and momentum begets more momentum.

Here are different possible scenarios when considering the power of timing:

  • A company may be new and just launching.
  • A company may be old but is launching something new!
  • A company may be established in your market but it’s launching a NEW market on the other side of the world.
  • A company may be established in other markets around the world but is NEW to your market.
  • A company may be established all over the world already but it is going to launch something unique and exciting that shifts the timing in your favor.

A good company should always have something exciting to promote for. A stagnant, low energy company won’t keep it’s distributors fired up.

Many companies are good at selling the sizzle and promoting what is just around the corner but fail to deliver, so when the corporate team announces to the field that the best is yet to come, it better actually come!

If a company has an upcoming new product, this may create a unique opportunity for you to take advantage of this pre-launch timing in order to create accelerated growth. But . . . if they botch the product launch or launch a product that fails to deliver on its promises, It may also kill the team you already have.

If a company is going to open a new market or a new country, this could provide you a huge advantage in growing your organization that you wouldn’t have if that country wasn’t on the distributorship map.

This may lead you to wonder:

“Well, wouldn’t it be better to just be in a company where all the countries or the countries where I want to build are already open?”

Not really and I’ll tell you why.

The launch of a product is where momentum is created.

Momentum is created by the sheer excitement of promoting heavy during the pre-launch phase of a new product or a market.

This momentum is impossible to re-manufacture after the launch.

Once a market has been open for a while it just goes on the list of markets where the company does business. It’s just another market.

Once the product is launched, it just goes in the list of products the company offers along with all the other products it offers. The excitement is in the launch, in the “coming soon” and so is the burst of momentum.

The fortune is made by being there when the market opens, with an army….

The fortune is made by being there when the product launches, with an army.

When you’re in a company and unique timing arises don’t wait, build.

Build and promote like your life depends on it.

When evaluating a company to join take into account how often and the types of things they launch and promote to build excitement in the field.

A company with something exciting coming soon keeps people excited and gives you one more thing to promote and get prospects excited about.

The key is being in company that actually delivers, and not just delivers, but under-promises and over-delivers.

Prospects may ask you,

”Why now? Why not wait to get started when it’s a better time?”

You want to have an answer and be able to say this with integrity:

“This is the BEST time to get started in the history of the company. NOW is the best time to get started and here’s why …”

When evaluating an MLM company, make sure you ask:

#38. Why is now the best time to get started?

#39. What’s coming soon that I can take advantage of to build my business?

Till next time,


Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

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