The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill triggered a massive CBD boom in the United States.

With the bill came legalized hemp farming and newly popularized hemp-derived cannabidiol supplementation.

[What feels like] overnight, CBD products went from being outlawed to be found anywhere at gas stations, grocery stores, shopping malls, pharmacies and anywhere else, including online.

Not only did the bill create a public demand for CBD products, but it also produced a “new opportunity” for MLM companies to capitalize on this new craze.

Within a short two years, over 32 MLM companies launched a CBD product on their network.

It was interesting for me to be in the middle of all this.

I witnessed new start up MLMs opening their doors as CBD demand and trending popularity continued to be on the rise.

I was even approached to take a C-level executive position in a startup MLM company, that was launching as a service based company but wanted to include CBD because they wanted to take part in this new wave of gold rush.

I also saw more established MLM companies adding to the collection of their products by launching new CBD oil products.

What’s interesting is that every MLM company selling CBD has a unique offer, a better process, more powerful product, better delivery system, and anything else they can use in their messaging and marketing to set them apart.

Most of the time, the CBD products offered through MLM companies are solid, effective, and even life changing.

A few years ago, no MLM company had it, and now over 32 MLM companies have it.

Here is something you should know about which reps made it BIG selling CBD.

The reps who took advantage of this CBD craze weren’t just the people who started marketing CBD oil products first. People who went first certainly dealt with skepticism and push back from vast numbers of people who conflated CBD with Marajuana. But as the saying goes, “the pioneers who take the most arrows, take the best land.”

Reps who capitalized the most on the timing and trend are also those who ALREADY had large teams, big networks, and established distribution pipelines.

Most recently the cryptocurrency craze that has swept the viral online space has provided another rare and unique opportunity of timing.

The ability to transfer electronic value on a decentralized network that isn’t controlled by banks and the government attracted its first wave of believers.

Then online opportunity platforms started emerging. Apps, websites and bots that facilitated trading and holding your coins, paying interest, and mining coins enticed millions of people to sink their life savings into unverified, unregulated, unknown platforms all based on unsubstantiated and in most cases non-compliant guarantees and claims.

Everyone was looking for a way to grow, multiply and make a fortune overnight disregarding obvious warning signs. I know because I was one of them.

Like CBD, the wild-west of online crypto opportunities emerged, in what it feels, overnight. Some people made fortunes overnight, some people lost their life savings, literally overnight.

Prudence went out the window. In most cases, people who lost were over enthusiastic about something that was online, with no name or face behind it, with no proof, and without even a compliant business model.

In many cases companies started with good intentions but miscalculated, misjudged or miss-planned and just didn’t make it when the market swung the other way.

In some cases owners took advantage of people’s lack of understanding of the technology, naivety and willingness to be sold the overhype, so they mislead and robed people.

Through the chaos of cryptocurrency opportunities, compliant, legitimate, and lucrative models also emerged.

For example, arbitrage trading platforms offer steady growth of your coin but you have to find a legitimate one.

Cryptocurrency-mining companies offer real technology that is tangible and offers a steady reward but you have to be certain that it is real. You want to be sure that the physical infrastructure actually exists, you’re actually mining, the company has a legally compliant model, and you own your hash rate and aren’t just profit sharing from a pool of cloud investors.

New products like CBD or new technologies like Cryptocurrency, and even old products and services offered in new ways, (like the long distance calling example I shared in my previous blog), all offer a unique timing that can give you an edge in promoting and building a team.

This can also mean unforeseen challenges, changes, and setbacks as things evolve and mature. There’s nothing wrong with a tried and true product vertical like nutrition, skin care, home goods or other services that have always worked and will always work, if you work them. But there is also something exciting about being a part of something new and taking advantage of a trend.

Fortunes are made every day in what’s trending and in what’s already established.

Knowing your own personality and what gets you excited, along with knowing your audience, your network, and the timing of the market for the products you plan to promote will help you make the RIGHT decision, so you can make a fortune.

Today’s question you want to ask when assessing a company you’re considering to join is this:

#34. Is there anything special about the timing of the product or service I can capitalize on to build a strong business ?

Till next time,


Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

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