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When a company is just launching, it often attracts top professionals and full time leaders from other companies because of its unique timing.

When a company is brand new, it tends to pull people out of their current companies and bring them over.

The excitement of being in at the very top of something new is what presses the move of these leaders who perceive this new company as the next big thing.

Almost over night, leaders who are unhappy with their situations in their current companies pop out of the wood works and become free agents.

When companies are new, they tend to work as a new promise for professionals who are looking for a new home.

Some professionals in the industry go company to company as a matter of pure business strategy.

They take a deal and move to the next big thing. They bring along their leaders who follow them to the next company, and re-build because they love that part of the game.

Other professionals choose to move to a new company, not for the unique timing that the new company offers per se, but to satisfy personal motives. Their choice is usually determined by any number of self-satisfying reasons.

These types of builders don’t usually care as much about the timing of the company as much as the deal they can get.

Their choice is based more on their personal timing over the timing of the company and is driven by who is signing them up, and what advantage they can get by how they are positioned.

These types of builders will move to a company not because it’s new or because it’s in momentum but because it’s the right time to move, FOR THEM,

Maybe they’re bored.

Maybe they’ve exhausted their network and personal recruiting has slowed down so now they’re on the hunt for a new opportunity.

Maybe they’re in the business of sponsoring new people more than helping their new people sponsor their own people.

Whatever their reason, what many professionals miss or dismiss, is the reality that no matter where they go, what company they start with, at the end of the day, they still have to build their business.

Every company has the chance to pick these leaders up when the timing is right for those leaders to start looking.

The more successful you are, the further your network extends.

The more attractive your opportunity and timing becomes, the more likely you are to be the one to pick others up when they’re looking to move.

When a company has a been around for a few years, and their name and reputation gets around the industry, the excitement starts to settle in and the lure of being in early starts to dwindle.

When a company is seasoned and decades old, it has to have more than just a track record to bring over a leader from another company who is an established veteran.

What catches the eye of an established veteran, is not just how established the company is or its promises, but also by how they’ve delivered on those promises to its distributors in the field.

To a networking professional who makes their full time living through network marketing and pays the entirety of his or her household bills with his MLM business, it’s a big decision to leave to start a new team.

When a company has been around for a while, there is a lot more to inspect and a lot more to evaluate to be able to make an informed decision to join or not.

Typically, you’ll see an influx of leaders leaving their current companies to embrace a new company. It is rare to witness an exodus of leaders to an older and more established company unless something very unique is happening.

It’s a special situation when a company is established and has a reputable foundation, is NOT offering big contracts to bring over leaders, but STILL leaders are joining it anyway.

The question becomes why? Why would someone leave the business or group they’ve built and walk away from an income that supports them to start all over in a company that everyone in the industry already has an opinion on?

Maybe they are fed up with the leadership in place in their current company.

Maybe they feel they are not getting paid their worth, or their voices are not being heard.

Maybe they see how much the company has changed since their involvement that it doesn’t hold their excitement, belief, or attention anymore.

Or perhaps there is something truly special about the new company they decided to join.

Your role as the evaluator is to notice. If there are leaders moving to a company that you think you already have an opinion on, it may be wise to take another evaluation.

Perhaps things have changed. Perhaps there is more going on in the inside than is spreading around the rumor mill of mlm.

It’s free to take a look and evaluate. It only costs you your time. As soon as you affirm it’s just what you thought it was, you can end your evaluation.

And remember . . . just because leaders seem to be converging on a company does not mean it’s the right one for you.

But when it seems like leaders are congregating over a company, it is good to at least ask why.

It makes sense to look into the company where lots of high level people are flooding into and see if there’s a reason more than it just being new.

New can be good. New can also take time to build trust.

New can be something fresh and exciting the industry has never seen.

New can also be more uncertainty than you’re willing to take on.

Either way, there may me more than one reason why so many leaders are leaving to go to a particular company.

It may be a sign.

So make sure you find out when you are considering to join a company:

#40. Are a lot of big leaders coming over from other companies?

Till next time,


Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

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