Skeletons In The Closet You Should Know About Before Joining an MLM

When you’re new to following a new sport, you may not recognize the names of all the players, right?

But after a while, you sink your teeth into it and you start knowing who the stars, the free agents, and the key play makers are!

You learn about different players and their positions and roles and if you’re a fanatic like many of us are, you’ll even keep track of their success statistics and records.

You may even know the names and strategies of the behind the scenes actors from the coaches, to the managers, to the athletic directors.

If you’ve been around any industry for very long, you start to know who the players are. Period.

If you stay in any field long enough, you become aquatinted with or at least become aware of some of the big names: the movers, the shakers, the influencers, etc.

So whether you’re into sport or fashion, I bet ya, you’re already following super athletes and fashion influencers and icons, right?

Or if you’re into stock investing, you’re probably already following the CEOs of the companies you invest in, if not then you probably should.

If you’re considering stock investing, a good place to start is to follow a handful of the CEOs of the top 100 Blue chip stocks on wall street.

My point is that we are relationship driven people. We understand an industry through its people and key influencers. We focus not on the brand, but the people who represent it and drive it.

A brand without a face is not a brand at all. A company without a face is not a trustworthy one. So can you imagine how valuable the face and reputation of a company leader is to you?

It’s everything!

John C Maxwell says “Everything rises and falls on leadership” and he’s right. Network marketing is no different.

Consider the reputation of The President, CEO, or the Chairman of the MLM company you’re considering to join. They may very well have been in the industry for a while. He or she may have owned or been on the leadership team of a previous company. They may have a personal reputation that precedes them.

You may check every box out when it comes to finding your dream company, but if there is some sort of an overwhelmingly undeniable character flaw or bad reputation attached to any of the key decision makers . . . I’d say RUN! Run the other way.

If you’re new to the industry this may be harder to assess without a neutral industry insider.

If you’re relying on what you’re told by your sponsor or their up-line about the leadership team, then please pause. Avoid getting the WHOLE picture of the leadership painted ONLY by the very people who are selling you into joining in the first place! It’s in their best interest to paint a rosy picture and for you to believe the best in the leadership of the company you’re evaluating.

Save yourself from the unpleasant disappointment of unraveling a history of negative reputation or hidden secrets on the company’s key decision makers after you’ve already joined.

It has happened to me and I want to help save you from the pain and disappointment of uncovering ugly company secrets that lay hidden behind closed doors and secret hand shakes.

Many years ago, it was only after I had made it to the inner circles of the leadership team by hitting the top ranks that I was included in leadership conversations behind closed doors.

Through these conversations, I finally uncovered the REAL reason why some of the biggest leaders had a history of leaving the company they had pledged to promote so passionately.

It was devastating to know the truth. But facing the truth was one of the hardest challenges I had to overcome and it was inevitable.

It takes a lot of courage and honor to leave a company with corrupt leadership when they’re sending you a big check every month, doesn’t it? Many leaders can’t walk away from the money to preserve their honor, some do. Like many honorable leaders who’d left, I chose to leave too.

Leaders leave MLM companies for many various reasons but when lot’s of leaders leave at high levels constantly and regularly, the industry takes notice and a reputation around that company emerges.

Stories spread. Experienced leaders in the industry may be able to tell you what they know or have heard about said company.

If there is a way you can get an insider look, a personal interaction, or an intimate perspective from someone who knows the decision makers or their reputation in the industry before you pull the trigger, pursue it.

One deep conversation about a company’s leaders with a neutral industry insider could either give you all the information you need to protect your reputation by not joining that company or it could give you the fuel to your fire to propel you to an explosive launch to your new business.

So it is so important for you to ask:

#20. What is the reputation of the owners and decision makers among industry insiders?

Till next time,


Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

P.S. You can always find me on social media: Facebook or Youtube

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