Spot a Sneaky Owner and Run Away!

A few months ago, my wife, Dr Yess, was approached by a network marketing company to potentially fill a C-Level Exec job in corporate.

She got on a phone interview with the CEO with that premise, only to find out quickly that the CEO was instead trying to recruit her into the field.

The situation was exasperated when the CEO introduced Dr Yess to the owner of the company.

A Billionaire owner with a remarkable resume, looking to staff up his company with my wife’s brilliance? What could possibly go wrong?

Turns out . . . A LOT.

The CEO connected Dr Yess with the owner over the phone on two different occasions.

On both occasions, the owner was dismissive of the premise on which the call was arranged, and ever so sneakily and slyly attempted to recruit her into the field too!

Should Dr Yess consider taking a job with this company or even joining the field after this experience?

She thinks not. Her philosophy is this:

Sniff’Em out and run away!

And you could certainly debate her about that.

But for all it was worth, it was a BIG waste of time for everyone involved.

And this happened because the owner and CEO had different intentions than what they led Dr Yess to believe.

You see, owners come in all shapes and sizes, metaphorically speaking.

When we examine the owners of a network marketing company, we also want to include the highest level decision makers in our evaluation.

Sometimes C Level Execs aren’t founders or owners, but may have their hands on the steering wheel as much or more than the actual owners who may be nothing more than figureheads.

Their leadership and decision making power will directly dictate the way you build

and grow your business and organization as a whole.

The more serious you are about promoting a company, the more the question of ownership becomes paramount.

So if you plan to build a large organization to maturity that produces you a

massive income, give the ownership question the assessment it deserves.

Wondering what the assessment process looks like?

Here are four key questions to kick start your ownership evaluation of any network marketing company you are serious about joining:

1. Who is steering the ship?

2. Is it one owner or a team of founders?

3. How involved are they in the big decisions and the daily decisions?

4. Are the intentions of the owners aligned with what they want you to believe?

In the next several blogs, I’m going to dig deeper into the ownership question by fleshing out more nuanced assessment questions.

It’s gonna be fun. So follow along.

Till next time,


co-authored with Maral “Dr Yess” Yessayan, PHD

P.S. You can always find me by following me on social media: FB here or YouTube here

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