The 800 Pound Gorilla: How to weigh search engine results when evaluating MLM Companies

What Google has to say about the company you’re considering to join is a good place to start. But to make your decision solely based on what you find on Google is impetuous, impulsive and reckless at best.

Sites such as and the like are not comprehensive, conclusive, or complete. If anything they are biased and steer you away from MLMs altogether.

What’s on Google is certainly a good starting question but what’s more important is how much value you should give Google in your evaluation process in the first place.

That being said . . . should you disregard what you find on Google all together?

Not at all. Evaluating a company requires experience in discernment, weighing, and balancing all the benefits and disadvantages to determine the best decision for you.

In my `14 years of experience in the industry, most people make this common mistake when considering joining a company and I want to save you from it.

They run a quick Google search on the company and read the first few entries that pop at the top. For example, “Is company X a scam?”

Guess what pops up? Articles related to scams. Of course, scam reports and reviews populate. Number 1 because that’s what they searched for and number 2, our industry is always under attack from haters. So it is not surprising to find scam reports or reviews on ANY MLM company.

But does that mean the company is a scam? Of course not. Does it mean the company is NOT a scam? Well . . . we don’t know yet. Scam reports are not enough evaluation evidence to sway the decision either way.

You’ve got to dig deeper . . .

Companies can spend big marketing money on SEO reputation management to improve rankings of positive content and drown out negative reports to page 2, 3, 8 of your Google search results.

Does this mean the company utilizing SEO reputation management techniques is scam? Of course not. Does it mean that it isn’t? Well . . . we do not know yet.

You’ve got to dig deeper . . .

Your Google search might take you down the rabbit hole of page results where you find out that the company you’re evaluating has a history of lawsuits against it, or open cases, or might even be under an FBI investigation.

Does this mean the company is a scam? Of course not. Does it mean it isn’t? Well . . . we do not know yet, but it surely is raising a cautionary red flag.

So you’ve got to dig deeper . . .

It’s important to note that anyone can sue anyone for anything. Understanding the nature of the law suit: what it is — why it is being filed — and by who, will provide more details into your evaluation process.

There are big, well established, MLM companies that have won major lawsuits in the past. Does it mean they were pyramid schemes? Of course not. If they were, they wouldn’t have won. They would be shut down and long gone by now. But they still have that tainted reputation on their record, that means get ready to take the arrows!

So if you encounter one such company in your evaluation, you’ve got to dig deeper . . . . and ask yourself the hard question:

Am I willing to take the arrows and take on the burden of this company’s baggage history in my fight to financial freedom?

After reading this blog series with the 99+ questions you need to ask yourself before joining a company, if all the benefits you discover outweigh this disadvantage, then you may have your answer.

Here’s the question to ask:

#19. How much weight do I give to what I find on Google when evaluating a company?

Till next time,


Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

P.S. You can always find me on social media: Facebook or Youtube

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