The Magic MLM Momentum Formula You Should Know About!!!

A company with no momentum may or may not be a company you want to join.

If a company is healthy more than likely it will attract good people, develop leaders, grow its production, and multiply its network.

Momentum comes when things are good in a company.

What makes a company good in my evaluation matrix?

Here are the Six Foundational Pillars of a GOOD company.

A Good Company:

1- Strong leadership fused with integrity that delivers on its promises.

2- Timing

3- A solid mission and strong messaging

3- A lucrative compensation plan that promotes the RIGHT Behavior

5- A TIGHT culture.

6- Impactful products or services.

When things are good, momentum is unstoppable and spreads like a wildfire in a dry field. Except the company is not burning down, it is bursting into life!

When there is NO momentum in a company, a good question to ask is:

Why? Why isn’t the company exploding with momentum?

Is it the leadership?

Is it the products?

Is it the branding or market positioning or messaging?

Is it the comp plan?

Is it the timing?

Is it the culture?

It could be any number of reasons that could hold a company back.

Sometimes companies are Not in momentum for any number of reasons. Here are a few reasons to consider.

1- because they don’t have a great product

2- because they missed the “timing” train.

3- because the owners or leaders hit their leadership lid.

4- because they teach an “untested” and “unproven” system that DOES NOT WORK for everyone in the field, but claim otherwise.

5- because they don’t have the RIGHT marketing tools to support their reps in the field.

In most scenarios, it is actually easier to identify why a company is NOT rather than why it IS in momentum.

A company could have been ineffective in its operations, but recently the leadership has reigned in the ropes to prepare for a massive explosion. If so, you are catching a company at the PERFECT time.

Or a company may have been in massive momentum but with one BAD decision momentum suffers and the brakes are slammed on accidentally.

If that’s a company you’re looking at or you’re already in, you’ll have to determine if the leaders will ever be able to recover that lost momentum.

If the BIG BANG momentum of a company belongs in the history pages of its past, where they have now settled into a slow moving rhythm and pace, it will makes it difficult for you to create an explosion.

It is not surprising to find companies where ONLY SOME of the reps are in momentum but MOST reps aren’t.

In most cases, the person introducing you to a company can and should be able to point to someone who is experiencing massive momentum.

WARNING! Don’t join a company JUST because of the momentum other people are having. Their momentum won’t pay your bills.

SOLUTION!!! Do join a company, if you can replicate their momentum, grow it, and sustain it through duplication

Here is what’s interesting about momentum.

Momentum makes the people who have it look better than they are. It also makes the people who don’t have it look worse than they are.

So don’t misjudge the people, judge the quality of the momentum.

A company’s momentum could be strikingly real or utterly deceptive.

Sometimes companies are in momentum because of a fleeting factor, a unique context, or special set of circumstances that allowed momentum to spark.

And A LOT of the times, the leaders ARE GOOD ENOUGH to get the momentum going, but NOT EQUIPPED ENOUGH to sustain it or grow it.

Here are is the Magic Momentum Formula You Should Know About!!!

Good people + Bad company + Bad timing = No momentum

Good people + Good company + Bad timing = Difficult momentum

Good people + Good company + Good timing = Easy momentum

Timing is the third qualifying ingredient that when it is present, even reps who are new and inexperienced are able to capture lightning in a bottle.

That’s why when a company is in momentum, you want to make sure that the momentum is pure and not fabricated.

If it is, you have found yourself a gem. If not, you may be looking at an opportunity that may very well be fleeting and short lived.

Today’s series of questions you want to ask when assessing a company you’re considering to join are these:

#35. Is there anyone who is in massive momentum?

#36. Is the momentum company-wide or is it ONLY isolated in certain leadership pockets or around ONLY a few key people?

#37. How are those who are in momentum creating their momentum, i.e. what strategies are they using?

Till next time,


Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

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