The Perfect Owner? What’s the Formula?

In my last blog, we talked about how owners come in all shapes and sizes, metaphorically speaking.

But we didn’t talk about how they also come from different backgrounds and with different experiences, values, attitudes, and beliefs.

So finding out about the background of the owners and main decision makers is key in your evaluation process.

There are two areas to consider when looking at an owner’s background.

You have their personal background and their professional background that beg your attention.

Knowing about their personal background will give you insight into their character and values.

Knowing their business background will reveal their business acumen, experience level, the mindset, and attitude they have coming into building the company.

And knowing their motivation will expose if they’re the right people to steer the ship that you want to board and build.

Look, in my past 14 years in the industry, I’ve met and interviewed different owners of network marketing companies — each with a different history, story and experience.

I’ve seen owners of companies who have failed 17 times in business and been proud of learning from their mistakes and others who pat themselves on the back because they have “Never failed in business”.

I have seen owners who come from family money and have had success handed to them and other owners who started with nothing from the inner cities in low income housing and boot strapped their way into success.

I have seen ownership teams who have traditional business experience but have no network marketing experience at all. I have also seen ownership teams with network marketing field experience but zero experience at running a network marketing company.

There is no one right formula when it comes to the professional background of the owners.

I heard something a long time ago in network marketing that still rings true.

You can’t go home and beat the wife and kick the dog and hope to make it big in network marketing”

Not only is that true for reps in the field but for the owners as well.

So, their personal values, along with the history and business experience owners bring into a company will create the DNA of the organization.

Leadership comes from the top and flows downward. Everything hinges on the leadership of the ownership, so does your opportunity and potential success.

That’s why assessing the personal and business backgrounds of the owners play a key role in evaluating their leadership capacities.

It will give you an insight into the type of company you are considering to join and the type of environment and culture you would like to be a part of.

And you’ll be able to see what values will be accepted and duplicated into the organization.

A strong assessment will get you a sneak peak not only into the present but also the future culture of the company.

Ultimately the decision is yours.

The key questions here are:

5. What’s their business experience?

6. What’s their story?

7. Why did they decide to start the company?

8. What are their personal values and principals they live by and what kind of life do they live?

Wait a minute . . .

Did you notice that the questions above are numbered, 5 to 8?

Good catch!

If you want to find out the questions 1 to 4, go to my previous blog here.

Or keep reading along to uncover the 99+ questions you should ask before joining any Direct Sales, Network Marketing or MLM company.

Till next time,


co-authored with Maral “Dr Yess” Yessayan, PHD

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