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12:37 AM. My blackberry rings on a hot August night.

Don’t judge me. It’s 2006. Blackberries were the fad.

I look at the Caller ID. It’s my friend. I assume it’s an emergency. I pick up.

ME: “What’s up? Everything OK?”

HIM: “Bro, I want to introduce you to somebody.”

ME: “Okay, is she fine? Tell me about her…”

HIM: “Bro, she’s actually a brother, and he’s a multi-millionaire and is 27 years old!”

Long story short, I got recruited into my 2nd network marketing company.

But this time, it was all going to be different.


Because after feeling like a failure in my first company, I was realizing that NOT having a mentor was the missing link to my success.

And I had been thinking:

“Man, if I could only find and follow the right mentor who had already blazed the trail before me, that could change everything for me, right?”

And IT did! It changed everything for me.

Since then, I’ve been able to build several multi-million dollar home-based businesses in various verticals of the industry.

With this also came the reward of speaking on stage to thousands of people, and the responsibility to make a difference in countless lives.

But it wasn’t always blue skies and fleecy clouds. I’ve had wins and losses, strike-outs and home-runs.

In the process, I’ve accumulated the knowledge, experience, and success that allows me to share with my clients proven strategies, tools, and techniques that will accelerate their learning curve, grow their business, and achieve the success they truly desire.

One of my BIGGEST discoveries that I want to share with you, right here and right now, is this:

Most people want an opportunity to have a work from home-or-anywhere lifestyle but they don’t know how to find and evaluate a home-based business that’s the RIGHT FIT for THEM.

So they start with the right intentions but the wrong goals, the wrong expectations, and with the wrong mentor or without one at all, and end up in the wrong opportunity all together. I’ve seen it happen a million times.

And that’s NOT their fault!

Look, I deeply care about your success. And I want to help you prevent going through a pain that I’ve been through and one that you can avoid.

That’s why I decided to start this new blog series where I will be covering 99+ questions you should ask yourself BEFORE starting a home-based business in network marketing.

So follow along, and so it begins . . .

To your wealth,

Charles Rudibaugh

co-authored with Maral “Dr Yess” Yessayan, PHD

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