What Does Google Have To Say?

Before the internet, people wrote bad things about people or companies in bathroom stalls.

Nowadays, the internet has replaced the bathroom wall.

The first thing people do these days when they hear about a person or a company is Google it, right?

We have all been conditioned to turn to Google first whenever we want to learn more about anything.

We are conditioned to believe that Google has the answer to our most burning questions when it comes to evaluating a network marketing company. We wonder, “what does Google have to say about it?”

NewsFlash: Google is a sea of opinions. Good and bad.

In my younger years, I remember sitting through company presentations where I already knew what was written all over the internet about that company.

Let me tell you my friends, it was not good stuff.

I watched guests in the room get so excited during the presentation while knowing that they wouldn’t make it out of the parking lot without googling it first.

A considerably high number of negative reviews on Google for the company you’re evaluating can be so damaging to your opportunity.

Consider it an early red flag. This type of negative reputation around the company you’re evaluating sabotages your opportunity, even if those negative reviews are false or fake.

If a company has been around for a while, it will most likely have the usual slander and criticism. Have you Googled Uber, lately? They even have negative reviews.

Sites like “Behind MLM” supposedly protect us by giving “honest” reviews and exposing bad companies. But why have I yet to read one honest review on that site since it was founded in 2009?

The truth is that these types of watch dog sites are negative on the industry of network marketing as a whole. So whatever company is featured, it is subjected to nitpick scrutiny that commonly makes false accusations and over generalizations.

Never will you see them endorse a company as legitimate even when it actually is. Never will they approve a company as eligible to potentially being a viable opportunity, even if it is. Instead, the rule of thumb seems to be trolling for page views.

If a site is genuinely evaluating MLM companies, their evaluations should be neutral with pros and cons, right?

If a site is genuinely evaluating MLM companies, you’d expect to stumble across companies with upside potential and positive reviews too, right? But no!

If a site is genuinely evaluating MLM companies, their reviews should be written by someone other than “anonymous”, wouldn’t you think?

It begs the question: If the information is so accurate, why hide behind undisclosed identities?

I’d tell you why: to avoid a law suit for slander.

But did you know that there is no policing agency on the internet that curates and evaluates the validity of negative reviews? Anyone can say anything.

In fact the more controversial the review, the more attention that article attracts, and the more views the article gets, the more popular it becomes. And the more traffic that article drives, the more advertisers pay for space on the website.

With my 14 years of industry experience, it is easy to see through the anonymous writers’ “honest” reviews on such sites that oppose the MLM industry.

More than often, the information they present about a company is either deliberately distorted or unintentionally ignorant because they simply lack a full grasp and understanding of company they’re reviewing or the industry altogether.

Remember, fragmentary industry knowledge leads to fragmented truths.

And short-falling industry experience leads to misguided conclusions.

Sometimes, these reviewers paint an inaccurate picture of the company’s model they are supposedly de-bunking. Other times, they completely misjudge the compensation plan as illegal. Sometimes they are right. But more then often, they are utterly wrong.

The validity of their conclusions should be treated as tentative and taken with a grain of salt. Their underlying purpose is to BUST MLM companies, and not to educate.

While the question “What’s on Google?” is a good place to start. It is not comprehensive, conclusive, or complete.

In part 2 of this article, I’m going to dig deeper into the “G” question and what you can do to work with it and how you can work around it to find your “G” Spot ;) and make your own informed and unswayed decision.

18. What do you find when you google it?

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Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

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