What Unicorn Up-lines Can Do for Your Business?

Do unicorn up-lines exist?

Most reps only get on the radar of their high ranked up-line leader when they pop up in the reports of the production charts, otherwise they often go unnoticed.

If the reps on the charts are lucky enough, they will get a personal congratulatory message or a phone call from their high ranked leader.

But most high ranked leaders aren’t making these types of connections nor are they searching their downlines for the next potential project.

Especially in today’s network marketing environment, leaders are more and more focused on personal recruiting through social media than they are on helping their new teammates duplicate.

Because of this, most new reps don’t know what to do and don’t get the training they need. They sign up and are out there alone trying to figure it all out.

Meanwhile there is a leader 10, 20, 50, 100 or 500 levels above them whose been building teams systematically like a science.

Most new reps don’t get identified by their high ranked leaders until they start to produce. This only happens in certain random cases where the new rep has an exceptional will to win and ability to overcome failure.

The more pressing problem is that many high ranked leaders despite the production in their team don’t know how to identify the new and up and coming potential leaders.

Often they focus on working with the wrong people if they decide to help their downline, while their next big story slips by un-noticed doing everything on their own, getting stuck, and then quitting.

What’s worse in some cases is that even when the leaders can identify potential leaders, they aren’t incentivized to do so by the compensation plan, so their next big story is stolen by the strains of the pay structure imposed by the company.

The biggest complaint of reps who quit is that they got started because they were over-sold on the idea of making money fast.

As soon as they opened themselves up again to new hopes and possibilities again, their dreams get crushed right before their eyes.

There is this awakening moment they quickly experience when they realize they have no idea what they are doing and don’t get the results they expected with their prospects.

The harsh reality they now have to face is that everyone they talk to isn’t just signing up, money isn’t falling out from the skies, and there isn’t someone they know in their up-line who can “really” help them go through it.

This lack of a supportive, competent, and available up-line chain of solution is the number one reason why most reps give up on themselves in network marketing and never experience the full benefits the industry has to offer.

A new rep in the business needs to be treated like a brand newborn baby. Even when an experienced leader leaves their company and joins a new one they still fall into this category. I know, I’ve been there.

Babies need parents just as new reps need up-lines. If parents left their baby in a room all by itself hoping it would take care of itself, chances are low at best if not impossible it would survive.

Do you remember that time when you changed your own diapers?

Yup, I didn’t think so either because it never happened.

How about the first time you ever went to the gym? Do you remember how you felt?

For most people going to the gym on their own for the first time and looking at all the equipment that they don’t know how to use, can be intimidating, if not to a paralyzing point where they throw the towel and go home.

But what if we give new gym goers a personal trainer to show them exactly how to use the equipment and execute the routines? They would have more purposeful and productive experience, wouldn’t they?

The role of the personal trainer would be to familiarize and build up the comfort level of his client one machine at a time machine, until the client feels confident enough to be on their own without getting injured!

New reps are like newbie gym goers.

They need up-lines who can build up their comfort and skills levels until they are confident enough to do things independently without getting spun out of the industry.

But theres a catch . . .

If the new gym goer is lucky, they will have a good trainer show them the “how” while they also understand that a good trainer won’t lift the weights for them.

So as necessary as it is for the up-line to be supportive, available and competent, it is also necessary for the new rep to have a teachable attitude without expecting the up-line to do the work on their behalf.

If you are the new rep, once this expectation is clear, you have not only finally found your unicorn up-line match, but are on the way of living out your unicorn dreams. Because the best part about having a fantastic up-line is that they will work with you more closely through the initial stages of your business and accelerate your success so that you can actualize your goals that got you into network marketing in the first place.

So the question to contemplate on today is?

Does a unicorn up-line relationship exist?

Stay tuned for part 3 next!

Till next time,


Co-authored with Dr Maral “YESS” Yessayan, PhD.

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11 Replies to “What Unicorn Up-lines Can Do for Your Business?”

  1. Great blog! Do you have any helpful hints for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m completely confused .. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot! Vickie Tolly

    1. Thank you so much! Medium is great to start blogging on and but if you can build a wordpress site or have someone build it for you adding a blog post to it is really easy! Cheers!

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